Barbara Moser-Mercer: References on expertise

Here are both the classic original citation and the one for the Oxford Handbook on Expertise.

Hatano, G., & Inagaki, K. (1986). Two courses of expertise. In H. W. Stevenson, H. Azuma, & K. Hakuta (Eds.), A series of books in psychology. Child development and education in Japan (p. 262–272). W H Freeman/Times Books/ Henry Holt & Co

The Oxford Handbook of Expertise  

Edited by Paul Ward, Jan Maarten Schraagen, Julie Gore, and Emilie M. Roth


The purpose of this Handbook is to provide a comprehensive picture of the field of Expertise Studies. We offer both traditional and contemporary perspectives, and importantly, a multidiscipline-multimethod view of the science and engineering research on expertise. We present different perspectives, theories, and methods of conducting expertise research, all of which have had an impact in helping us better understanding expertise across a broad range of domains. The Handbook also describes how researchers and practitioners have addressed practical problems and societal challenges. We have … More

Keywords: application, cognitive engineering, cognitive science, development, expertise, methods, models, practice, proficiency, psychology, research, skill, theory

Bibliographic Information

Print Publication Date: Nov 2019

ISBN: 9780198795872

Published online: Oct 2018

DOI: 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780198795872.001.0001