Sol Plaatje University

Institutional approach towards digital learning:

  • Move to an online teaching and learning mode of delivery
  • All modules on the Moodle learning management platform for online delivery.
  • Lecturers need to design modules / activities: with audio; video and audio; or audio, etc.
  • Use of online learning software: TEAMS, Panopto, etc.
  • Develop online channels, tutorials, etc.
  • Infrastructure online development
  • Running trails of modules

Role of different professional support structures during the remote teaching period

The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Programme Development has been doing the following:

  • Training lecturers in online delivery of teaching and learning
  • Training students on how make use of online teaching and learning.
  • Supply lecturers with data for connectivity

Professional support / learning opportunities for academics during this period:

  • Gaining competency in online teaching and learning
  • Developing online lessons

Source: Sol Plaatje University


  • Connectivity and data issues for lecturers
  • Connectivity and data issues for students
  • Uploading large files for online teaching and learning
  • Skills of lecturers in using and developing of online material, software, etc.
  • Skills of students in using online materials, software, etc.
  • Teaching large classes in an online environment
  • Will infrastructure be able to handle large data exchange during the same time?
  • How will assessment be done?
  • Developing online assessments