The African Digital University Network (ADUN) 

The ADUN consists mainly of African higher education scholars as well as other practitioners who are interested in the various facets of technology integration in the HE curriculum. The network engages with the nature of the contemporary university with an emphasis on the digital aspects of teaching and learning.  It aims to contribute to the field of African educational technology theory and practices through scholarship and innovation.


The establishment of the network is guided by three interrelated outcomes:

  • Scholarship: To advance scholarship within the field of educational technology
  • Innovation: To innovatively broaden the field of African educational technology theory and practice
  • Network: To interact with peers and academics representing, or who are interested in, African perspectives related to educational technologies in the HE curriculum

The formation of the African Digital University network originated in three phases.

The first phase commenced with the inaugural meeting of the network at the first ADUN Colloquium at Stellenbosch in April 2018. The purpose of this first colloquium was three-fold:

  1. To determine the interest in the establishment of such an African-centred network
  2. To identify some of the general opportunities and challenges higher educational institutions are currently engaged with
  3. To explore possible ways forward with the network 

The second phase was used to further our network through visits to some of our colleagues in universities in Namibia and Kenya.

The final phase is the discussions which came out of the Colloquium 2020,  which will set the stage for jointly determining our future actions.  We would like to introduce the ADUN Networking Committee who will, with input of network members, aim to further the vision of the network.