Feedback on 2018

A ‘Word Cloud’ summary of the feedback from 2018 delegates on how the colloquium contributed to the themes of growing/developing/providing opportunities for Scholarship, Innovation and Networking:

  1. Scholarship

2. Innovation

3. Networking

Other comments:

“Very good to engage with 12 other universities by networking with people in similar positions.”

 “Encouraging and rewarding – we’re all struggling with the same issues so sharing ideas and solutions is very useful and insightful.”

 “Thank you for an awesome opportunity to network and to learn and to get positive about our field of work.”

 “This needs to be an annual event. If possible, arrange/create an ongoing space online for continuous communication / repository in addition to the blog…”.

 “Keep the network growing and going! We can make this more than just a South African urban university network.”

 “The colloquium was very effective. Hearing presentations from other universities allowed me to make contact with other people who are experiencing similar challenges to me. It is creating opportunities for collaborative projects”