Soapbox Session

What is it?

Participants are invited to present complex and entangled (“wicked”) problems from their context which have an impact on digital transformation of teaching and learning.  No solutions are offered, just more questions, in keeping with the concepts of wicked problems.

Soapbox session on 10 March 2020:

Mr Tony Carr, University of Cape Town and e/merge Africa Network
Title: Saying Goodbye to Face to Face Conferences
Video clip [duration 16.40 min]

Dr Pauline Hanekom, Stellenbosch University Centre for Pedagogy
Title: “ICT integration”/ “digital learning” training of teachers for the South African context
Video clip [duration 22.14 min]

Dr Raymond van Diemel, Faculty of Military Sciences, Stellenbosch University
Title: Dumb textbooks in Digital Learning
Video clip [duration 16.24 min]

Ms Sukaina Walji and Andrew Deacon, University of Cape Town, CILT
Title: How to build enabling partnerships with academics to design for and teach in digitally enabled learning environments
Video clip [duration 20.25 min]
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Mrs Mary-Ann Fife and Miss Tasneem Jaffer, University of Cape Town’s Online Learning Design Team
Title: How can we best make use of the affordances of the online mode to create authentic, relevant assessment activities which deliver on our mandate to improve student learning and success?
Video clip [duration 13.20 min]